Styleframes Based on Article from Black Agenda Report


February 2019 - To gain experience, I adapted an article from the online magazine Black Agenda Report to fit in a 60 second visual promo for the article. Shown below are the frames and behind-the-scenes thinking during the design process.

Software used: Photoshop, Illustrator

_All ShotsFrame 1

Voiceover: "If Black people are usually the social justice, left leaning ethnic constituency in the nation..."

_All ShotsArtboard 2

Voiceover: "why doesn't the voting record of the Congressional Black Caucus reflect those values?"

_All ShotsArtboard 1

Voiceover: " The 2019 National Defense Authorization is"

_All ShotsArtboard 3

Voiceover: " a $717 billion dollar Pentagon spending bill authorized to develop "

_All ShotsArtboard 8

Voiceover: "On May 24 2018, only Thirteen members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted no. while the majority supported Trump's defense plan"

_All ShotsArtboard 7

Voiceover: "Even on issues of war"

_All ShotsArtboard 4

Voiceover: "..police oppression.."

_All ShotsArtboard 5

Voiceover: "...and militarization of local cops.."

_All ShotsArtboard 6

Voiceover: " the CBC appears to be the main impediment to Black dignity safety and political empowerment."

Screenshot 2019-05-20 21.33.41