Styleframes Based on Article from Black Agenda Report


February 2019 - To gain experience, I adapted an article from the online magazine Black Agenda Report to create styleframes of an animated promo for the article. Shown below are frames and thinking during the design process.

Software used: Photoshop, Illustrator

_All ShotsFrame 1

Voiceover: "If Black people are usually the social justice, left leaning ethnic constituency in the nation..."

_All ShotsArtboard 2

Voiceover: "why doesn't the voting record of the Congressional Black Caucus reflect those values?"

_All ShotsArtboard 1

Voiceover: " The 2019 National Defense Authorization is"

_All ShotsArtboard 3

Voiceover: " a $717 billion dollar Pentagon spending bill authorized to develop "

_All ShotsArtboard 8

Voiceover: "On May 24 2018, only Thirteen members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted no. while the majority supported Trump's defense plan"

_All ShotsArtboard 7

Voiceover: "Even on issues of war"

_All ShotsArtboard 4

Voiceover: "..police oppression.."

_All ShotsArtboard 5

Voiceover: "...and militarization of local cops.."

_All ShotsArtboard 6

Voiceover: " the CBC appears to be the main impediment to Black dignity safety and political empowerment."

Screenshot 2019-05-20 21.33.41